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new business

We believe that when companies combine an entrepreneurial approach with unique strengths such as brand, distribution and other assets, they can increase the odds of launching high-impact growth businesses.

ENNSIGHT helps leading companies capitalize on these opportunities by helping them:

  • Spot new high-potential opportunities by developing deep insights into the jobs clients need to do

  • Create a structured process to translate market information into high-impact ideas.

  • Conceive and design new solutions for clients, products, business models.

  • Optimize innovation portfolios and prioritize opportunities

  • Implementation of advanced and emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Iot, AI.

  • Minimize uncertainty through an emerging strategy

Creating the vision
necessary of the future

We work at both the corporate and divisional levels to align ourselves with a shared vision for the future: who we will be, where to play, how to win.

Specifically, we help organizations to:

  • Understand fast-moving and disruptive trends and the implications for your business

  • Identify high potential growth opportunities in adjacent markets.

  • Identify and pursue game-changing ideas to accelerate growth.

Our focus

Build sustainability into your core strategy so you're future-proof and take full advantage of the many opportunities that sustainability presents.


Make your operations more environmentally and socially sustainable while increasing efficiency and addressing key risk management issues.


We can help you overcome barriers to achieving your sustainable goals, fostering collaboration throughout your value chain and with other stakeholders so essential to success.


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